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The PR Center for Pyeongtaek Port was built to help increase the awareness of and interest in the port and to aggressively promote its facilities and services.

Operating Time

10:00 - 18:00 everyday (except for national holidays)


only on national holidays Help Desk : 031-682-5663 (Port PR Center)

Tour Duration

1 hour

Please Observe the Following:

  • Do not bring in food and beverages into the facility under any circumstances.
  • All displayed items and structures shall be seen, not touched.
    (except for the manipulation buttons to activate the description in the hall)
  • Individuals under influences shall not be admitted.
  • Children under 7 shall be accompanied by their guardians.
  • Viewers who damaged displayed items or structures during tour shall be responsible for the restoration.
  • If you need an interpreter or travel with a group of 10 or more individuals, online reservation shall be completed 3 days prior to the date of visit.

Tour Steps

  • Write your name in the guest book at the information desk
  • Exhibition Hall 1 (20 min.)
  • Exhibition Hall 2 (20 min.)
  • Market Zone(10 min.)
  • Showing Room        (10 min.)
  • Observatory
메뉴관리 담당부서항만운영팀 담당자안선미 전화번호031-686-0632 팩스031-686-0642
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