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Tenant Qualifications

Tenant Qualifications
Category Tenant Qualifications
  • - National or local government agencies in maritime affairs or harbor operation

  • - Agencies invested/sponsored by the government or local autonomous governments

  • - Companies/organizations related to maritime, harbor, and/or distribution and logistics operations

  • - Companies deemed necessary to ensure Pyeongtaek Port development

  • - Businesses eligible for operation-related facilities installation and license/permission requirements

  • - Businesses capable of investing in facilities and showing healthy financial records

Leasing Conditions

Period: 2 years (may be renewed if necessary)

Fees: deposit + monthly rent

Fees: deposit + monthly rent
Category Deposit Monthly Rent Remarks
Regular office 76,000KRW/m2 6,840KRW/m2  
Neighborhood amenities 91,000KRW/m2 8,190KRWm2or above  

※ The lease fees may be transferred to the hold deposit which shall be calculated to satisfy the National Tax Service’s taxation ratios applied to the revenues from real estate hold deposit and other incomes, i.e., interests generated from the deposit made as per the said regulation.

※ The rental fees shall be incurred on the actual move-in date or on the date specified in the lease agreement and may be adjusted every 2 years within the range mandated by the Housing Lease Protection Act, considering inflation rate, etc.

Payment of the Lease Hold Deposit: Shall be paid prior to the signing of the lease agreement

Documents to Submit

  • Lease application (1 copy)
  • Photocopy of business registration certificate (1 copy)
  • Financial statements settled within the last 2 years (1 copy each)
  • Corporate seal impression certificate and certificate of owner’s seal impression (1 copy each)
  • Attested copies of corporate registration (incorporation) and national residency (personal) (1 copy each)
  • Owner’s seal and ID
  • Certificate of local and national tax payment (1 copy each)
  • Business notification (license) of designated type (1 copy plus the original for verification)
  • Letter of attorney, if applicable, or certificate of employment (1 copy)



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